Microsoft is working on three IE versions at the same time now!

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“Gates said Microsoft is already working on the next two versions after IE 7”

Mozilla is also working on Fx 2.0 and 3.0 at the same time, next race is just about to begin…

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But for both Microsoft and Mozilla, what does it really mean to be working on multiple versions at the same time?

Microsoft after taking a break from making a web browser, is only making a commitment to two more versions, where as the Mozilla community has never wavered in their commitment to building browsers and other parts of a web experience for people.

The last yers at Microsoft they have used that technique for everything they make. It is their way of holding the motivation of the developers up. When they deside what will be in the next release, there is always someone that is going to be dissapointed since something is dropped. Thats why they start planning one release furuther, so they can keep those team members happy.

I read about this in a Microsoft blog while they where working on C#2. And then the person wrote that they where always far into planning C#3. Pretty smart if you ask me.

@ PablO:
When wista is out, no part of IE are supposed to be part of the OS. So taht basicaly means a pretty big rewrite of the whole thing. How many % is always hard to tell though…

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Hmmm… that’s how they do it: keeping the competition confused about what proprietary standards they will launch next (hence, ignoring open standards by constructing queer requirements for their “free”, *although* proprietary, browser). Remember in the early 90:s when ms took open scource code and twisted standards (to their own proprietary taste) when launching their own browser as an alternative to open source software? They added proprietary additions and exceptions that eliminated other “free” webbrowsers back in the 90:s?
This is just a strategy to lock up all those windows users to their own patented standards. Although they are members of (or whatever it tis called) and don’t follow the wc3-standards themselves – they want to create exceptional and proprietary standards that are impossible for competitors to be compatible with.

There is no such thing as a free lunch! Well, whatever. Ms is not going to offer you a free lunch anyway. Ms is trying to take over the market by obstructing competitors, if you ask me. Open source is freedom.

Do you use Firefox, Flock, Opera or some other browser? Can you manage without ie installed? I can’t, may bank for instsnce, do not support other browsers that ie. That’s a fact – not an opinion.

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