Flock pays for fixing Mozilla bugs!

Yes. It’s official now. See Will’s meeting notes. And now it begins.

Today, we started money rewarding our developers for every bug/patch upstreamed to!

It simply means that beside of supporting Mozilla in their mission (to preserve choice and innovation on the Internet), we also joined the list of companies that are supporting Mozilla development by their employees worktime!!!

We’re very proud to be a part of the Mozilla world, we believe that we can do much more than previously to help in bugfinding and bugfixing of Gecko, Editor and Firefox, but we want to give more.

We see shared goals between Flock 1.0 and Firefox 2.0/3.0 that are not yet implemented in Fx, one of which is a places mechanism that we want to reuse as a backend for Favorites and another is inline spellchecking, and yet another is search service. We’re very busy with Flock 0.7 (Cardinal) right now, but once we’re ready, we want to move to Firefox 2.0 as a base for next Flock release (Danphe) and a big part of the plan is to actually get involved into Firefox 2.0 development with above.

I hope that you can all see this clear signal: Mozilla, we *want* to help you! 🙂