I’m a mentor!

Yes. I will be mentoring one of the Mozilla Summer of Code projects.

Jan Matoušek from CZilla applied, I decided to mentor it and the project was accepted!

The project will focus on creating easy to use, polished and extensible XuLRunner based loclaization tool. As the start point Jan decided to use my L10n:Tool project. The tool will be able to run as stanalone XulRunner based app, or as an extension for any(!!!) of Gecko applications, and make it easier to localize it.

We want to make it work with jar’s, plain directories in chrome, localize, translate, synchronize versions, add groupwork and later add project specific code (CVS sync with Mozilla repos, SVN sync with Flock repos, sync for extensions?).

We have plenty of ideas and I’m sure that we will help many people with this project. It’s really awesome that Google decided to pay people for creating open software. It (as always with Google) perfectly fills empty area of software that would not be created in any other situation (We don’t have L10n tool for how many years?).

I’ll spend some time during the weekend to prepare the environment. We want to have SVN and a Wiki for you all to give us a feedback.

Thank you Jan for applying! Thank you Flock for allowing me to spend my time on this, Thank you Google and Mozilla for accepting this project! 🙂

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