DVD region codes

All attempts to enforce people to pay for art (books, movies, music) in digital era are making one huge bad thing. They try to go the short way. They accept to limit people rights to do with what they bought whatever they want, just because it would be hard not to limit them and still enforce payments. That’s wrong. It’s once more prove that business puts money in the first place, and customers are only the way to goal nr. 1.

But what they did with DVD region codes is soo stupid. I’m traveling to US every few months. I’m spending here a lot of time. And I can change the region code of the DVD player in my laptop 5 times. How can I use legally bought/borrowed DVD movies here? How the market could accept such limitation of my rights just because “they want more money”?

It pisses me off,how was it possible that those huge companies were allowed to enforce some “standard” that limits people right to use however they want whatever they bought. It shouldn’t ever happen. Next time they limit your right to breath because in some situations it may harm their budget… :/
On the way to enforce their rights they’re allowing themselves to break my rights, and that’s something I cannot accept. It makes me once more worried about how the world will work once those bastards get their DRM :/

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s/however/whatever ?

An in replay to your post – yes, DVD region codes are so stupid that even no funny 🙁

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