Microsoft’s marketing

Ian Hickson:

I love how Microsoft announce all their news long before they actually do whatever it is they announced. “Our next operating system will rock! In three years. Maybe four.” “Our browser is going to be amazing! It will ship next year.” “Our search engine will be better than the competition! In six months.” (That last one is especially funny to me since they keep saying it every six months, as far as I can tell.) But I’m especially amused by the latest one: “Our CEO will quit! In two years.”

Perfect 馃檪

Also, basing on their current release management process, they may not make the CEO release on time and they’ll slip by year or two.


Gecko performance test

I spent some time during this weekend on examinating different versions of Firefox and other browsers against BenchJS.

Why BenchJS? First, it’s independent. It doesn’t use Gecko like Mozilla people would like it to be used. Second. It’s pretty generic. It tests animation, various JS functions, window open and window close, table drawing etc.
It also probably has some flaws. Like, for example some browsers may “cheat” by reporting that they finished after they finished calculations but before the result was presented on the screen and layed out.

So, on the one hand, please, remember that this is data from one benchmark test. It doesn’t say what “is faster” overall, it says what “is faster on this test”. So all “gecko is slow” people, don’t use it in your flamewars please. On the other hand, it says something. It may or may not represent the wider situation, but it’s a piece of data and we should think about it.
All results are the best ones of three tries.

Let’s get to tests.

po polsku

IE b臋dzie mia艂o karty!

Polska strona IE 7.0.

A wi臋c dobr膮 decyzj臋 podjeli艣my, kiedy d艂u偶szy czas temu, kiedy zastanawiali艣my si臋 jak to przet艂umacz膮. Szkoda, 偶e firma Microsoft nadal jest tak zamkni臋ta, 偶e mimo, i偶 znam co najmniej 3 osoby w polskim MS, nie uda艂o mi si臋 tego dowiedzie膰 wcze艣niej 馃檨

Strona jest bardzo prosta, funkcjonalna. Kolorystyka mi si臋 bardzo nie podoba, ale ja og贸lnie nie przepadam za kolorami jakie dobiera MS. Troche dra偶ni g艂贸wny slogan (A teraz ju偶 nie s艂ysz膮?), dra偶ni te偶, 偶e nadal s膮 jacy艣 klienci, gdzie艣 daleko (Chcieli, a nie “chcieli艣cie”, albo “Chcieli pa艅stwo”).

Ma艂o pisz膮 o tym nowym bezpiecze艅stwie. Jak pisa艂em – ja nie wierz臋, aby IE 7.0 m贸g艂 byc bezpieczny, skoro jest oparty na dziurawym Tridencie, ale niech mnie zaskocz膮 馃檪


Flock 0.7 pl – post臋p prac

Pracuj臋 nad wersj膮 pl. Oczywi艣cie napotka艂em mn贸stwo problem贸w. Flock proponuje sporo nowych rozwi膮za艅, kt贸re z trudem pasuj膮 do nazw w angielskim, a co dopiero w polskim. Pro艣ba o pomoc.

Jakby艣cie t艂umaczyli:

  • Web snippets
  • Add a snippet
  • Photo Uploader
  • Upload a photo
  • Clicking Star performs “Star and Tag This Page…”
  • Blog post

Na razie wybra艂em:

  • Favorite – Ulubiona
  • Add to Favorites – Dodaj do Ulubionych
  • Star this page – Oznacz gwiazdk膮
  • Blog post – wpis

Nie t艂umaczy艂em Web snippets ani Photo Uploadera.

B臋d臋 wdzi臋czny za pomys艂y 馃檪


Flock 0.7 is ready!


I couldn’t explain that feeling better than Anthony did! It was a long, crazy journey from Palo Alto’s garage, to Flock 0.7.

We grew, we matured, we redesigned everything for several times, we were happy, jealous, pissed off, proud, tired, nervous, motivated, unmotivated, focused, but what’s most important, we kept being excited about what we do, and we kept united together during this journey.
I’d like to thank the whole team for their incredible passion, and their patience to me when I was messing with all the code parts vertically across the components. I’d also like to especially thank Bart and Geoffrey, who made it all possible, and our QA team who did amazing job in making Flock a predictible piece of software 馃槈

Read more about Flock 0.7 by Bart!


Flock 0.7 l10n

Last month was awesome. We’re almost ready with Flock 0.7 release, and we want to make it the first release with semi-official localization builds.

If you want to help us, and you speak any language beside of US English, it’s a good time for you 馃檪

Please, take a look at my Flock-l10n maillist post聽 and contact me!

Flock l10n release should take place soon after en-US release. I’d like to mention, that unlike Mozilla we use a slightly different model, we release Cardinal (from 0.7 line) and then we release plenty small updates from the 0.7 branch while big changes will happen in 0.8. Between releases we have plenty small milestones like,,, and once we’re satisfied with the quality, we release one of them as official Flock 0.7 Cardinal, and then small updates are tagged with milestones like, until we release one of those as Flock 0.7.1.


Visiting Microsoft

Week ago, I was invited to Microsoft Poland.

Two Microsoft people, who were described as “people from the group which takes care of interoperatibility and are not technical” are comming to Poland on Monday, for one day. They want to “talk to someone from Open Source community” about, what they described as, “business implications of standards and interoperatibility“.

Sounds interesting, huh?

And yes, I did explain to them that I’m not a spoke person for any of the Open Source projects, neither Flock, nor Mozilla, nor KDE or anything else. The replied that they don’t want to talk to people from the “top”, but from the “field” which sounds even more interesting to me.

Of course I accepted the invitation, no reason to refuse the opportunity to discuss topics that are so important for me with people, who represent the world which makes my goals harder to accomplish.

So, according to them, it’ll be 4 people private discussion, with Adam Dawidziuk (7bulls), me, and those 2 Microsoft people.

Also, the funny thing is that it’ll happen in the exact same day when we have a meeting with Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu.
This has two background things I’d like to write about.

First one, is that it means something. It’s almost symbolic. Things are changing. When I was joining Flock, my experience with Microsoft as a partner in the business world was rather sad. I was unable to get response from them about how they’re going to translate “tab” in Internet Explorer 7.0 (so we can sync with them for polish Firefox and Opera), and they were trying to employ some Open Source people (like Eric S. Raymond or my Flocker friend Ian McKellar), it proved how little they knew about the world on the other side of the bridge.

On January 2006, another friend of mine, who at the time was working on Flock with me, Chris Messina, had a lunch with Microsoft. It was 100% informal, but happened. And now, after next few months the above will happen, and comparing to Chris’s experience, it’s something way more formal. It’s not a dinner, it’s a planned part of their workday. It’s a formal meeting.

I’m curious what were the reasons for them to organize such thing. Why now. Why in Poland. Is it a part of some bigger changes in Microsoft’s direction? I hope to know more tomorrow evening.

Second thing is, that I treat it as a great opportunity to answer questions about things that might help us know more about Microsoft’s inside. No, not that ones that are “secret data”. The ones that are not written down on because there was no reason for this.

So, what is your opinion? What would you like to know that Microsoft can answer?


Widgets for Gecko

As many of you already know, Opera with it’s version 9.0 introduced technology called Widgets. What is also obvious, Gecko has everything needed to display such “Widgets”. Some time ago, in a comment on Quiris blog I predicted that it won’t take long to make it happen on Gecko.

Then, during XTech, Benjamin Smedberg presented talk about future of Web apps, and mentioned that the SVG, stylish clock in the top right corner of his screen is launched in XulRunner.
So, here we have next step of this story. Two days ago Benjamin posted on a proposition for standarizing Widgets around Opera’s API (with some modifications), and via WHATWG.

po polsku

Zmiany w rankingu

Gemius zdecydowa艂 si臋 (po jakiej艣 akcji z botami w USA) zmieni膰 metodologi臋 liczenia statystyk. (biuletyn)

Spraw臋 opisa艂 ju偶 Ada艣, kt贸ry zwr贸ci艂 uwag臋, 偶e odetnie to ludzi, kt贸rzy kasuj膮 ciastka po zamkni臋ciu przegl膮darki, oraz Quiris, kt贸ry zdaje si臋 uznawa膰, 偶e wynikowa r贸偶nica jest dowodem celowego “fa艂szowania” statystyk przez u偶ytkownik贸w przegl膮darek alternatywnych (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Konqueror itp.) poprzez celowe ustawianie kasowania ciastek po zamkni臋ciu sesji, aby podbija膰 statystyki alternatywnych przegl膮darek.

Chcia艂bym zwr贸ci膰 uwag臋, 偶e problem naliczania statystyk jest czym艣 niesamowicie trudnym do rozwi膮zania. Ka偶da metoda wymusza przek艂amania. Ju偶 sam fakt liczenia na bazie ciastek odcina osoby maj膮ce wy艂膮czone ciastka, odci臋cie os贸b kasuj膮cych ciastka po zamkni臋ciu przegl膮darki, z jednej strony faktycznie usunie boty, automaty i osoby fa艂szuj膮ce, a z drugiej odetnie tych, kt贸rzy kasuj膮 ciastka poniewa偶 taka jest ich wola.

Aby zobrazowa膰, 偶e nie jest to margines, sp贸jrzcie na nowoczesne przegl膮darki oraz IE7. Wszystkie planuj膮 wprowadza膰 艂atwo dost臋pn膮 funkcj臋 kasowania danych prywatnych, to chyba jasny sygna艂, 偶e u偶ytkownicy mainstreamowi tego chc膮.

Dodatkowo, aktualna metoda naliczania statystyk powoduje, ze jesli u偶ywam Firefoksa przez 95% czasu, ale raz na pare dni na sekund臋 odpalam IE, aby otworzy膰 stron臋, kt贸ra w Fx nie dzia艂a, to Gemius nalicza 50% dla Firefoksa i 50% dla IE.

S膮dz臋, 偶e taki scenariusz nie jest rzadki, i gdyby uda艂o si臋 go w艂膮czy膰 do analizy, przegl膮darki alternatywne mog艂yby zyska膰 w statystykach (poprzez niezaliczanie tego odpalenia IE jako nowego u偶ytkownika korzystaj膮cego z tej przegl膮darki). Pytanie, czy jest to mo偶liwe. Je艣li spr贸bujemy, to stracimy w wynikach osoby, kt贸re autentycznie korzystaj膮 z IE, ale bardzo rzadko w og贸le u偶ywaj膮 Internetu.

Pomijam ju偶, cho膰 mo偶e nie powinienem, fakt, 偶e u偶ytkownicy nowoczesnych przegl膮darek cz臋sto blokuj膮 Gemiusa, poniewa偶 艂膮czenie do zewn臋trznego serwera spowalania 艂adowanie strony…

Co pocz膮膰? Przede wszystkim uwa偶am, 偶e trzeba sie uwolni膰 od ciastek. P贸ki statystyki liczone s膮 na bazie ciastek, liczenie sesji i u偶ytkownik贸w zawsze b臋dzie kulawe. Minimalnie pomo偶e pewnie popularyzacja , dzi臋ki czemu statystyki nie b臋d膮 spowalnia膰 艂adowania stron, ale nadal nie posiadamy mechanizmu, kt贸ry zapewnia艂by mo偶liwo艣膰 艣ledzenia u偶ytkownik贸w, przy jednoczesnym zachowaniu ich anonimowo艣ci.

Update: Jedn膮 z rzeczy, kt贸re bardzo chcia艂bym zobaczy膰 w systemach operacyjnych jest wsp贸艂dzielenie danych u偶ytkownika przez aplikacje. Ciasteczka to MOJE dane, a nie przegl膮darki. Dlatego logiczne by艂oby, aby wszystkie przegl膮darki wsp贸艂dzieli艂y moje ciastka. To samo tyczy si臋 poczty, historii, hase艂 itp. To rozwi膮za艂oby chocia偶 cz臋艣ciowo problem statystyk.


I’m a mentor!

Yes. I will be mentoring one of the Mozilla Summer of Code projects.

Jan Matou拧ek from CZilla applied, I decided to mentor it and the project was accepted!

The project will focus on creating easy to use, polished and extensible XuLRunner based loclaization tool. As the start point Jan decided to use my L10n:Tool project. The tool will be able to run as stanalone XulRunner based app, or as an extension for any(!!!) of Gecko applications, and make it easier to localize it.

We want to make it work with jar’s, plain directories in chrome, localize, translate, synchronize versions, add groupwork and later add project specific code (CVS sync with Mozilla repos, SVN sync with Flock repos, sync for extensions?).

We have plenty of ideas and I’m sure that we will help many people with this project. It’s really awesome that Google decided to pay people for creating open software. It (as always with Google) perfectly fills empty area of software that would not be created in any other situation (We don’t have L10n tool for how many years?).

I’ll spend some time during the weekend to prepare the environment. We want to have SVN and a Wiki for you all to give us a feedback.

Thank you Jan for applying! Thank you Flock for allowing me to spend my time on this, Thank you Google and Mozilla for accepting this project! 馃檪