Flock 0.7 l10n

Last month was awesome. We’re almost ready with Flock 0.7 release, and we want to make it the first release with semi-official localization builds.

If you want to help us, and you speak any language beside of US English, it’s a good time for you ­čÖé

Please, take a look at my Flock-l10n maillist post  and contact me!

Flock l10n release should take place soon after en-US release. I’d like to mention, that unlike Mozilla we use a slightly different model, we release Cardinal (from 0.7 line) and then we release plenty small updates from the 0.7 branch while big changes will happen in 0.8. Between releases we have plenty small milestones like,,, and once we’re satisfied with the quality, we release one of them as official Flock 0.7 Cardinal, and then small updates are tagged with milestones like, until we release one of those as Flock 0.7.1.

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It’s about 50 files, to translate.
We don’t know how much will change till 0.8. We do hope that what we did already will be reused mostly in terms of UI so what you’ll do now is probably going to be used ­čÖé

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