Flock 0.7 is ready!


I couldn’t explain that feeling better than Anthony did! It was a long, crazy journey from Palo Alto’s garage, to Flock 0.7.

We grew, we matured, we redesigned everything for several times, we were happy, jealous, pissed off, proud, tired, nervous, motivated, unmotivated, focused, but what’s most important, we kept being excited about what we do, and we kept united together during this journey.
I’d like to thank the whole team for their incredible passion, and their patience to me when I was messing with all the code parts vertically across the components. I’d also like to especially thank Bart and Geoffrey, who made it all possible, and our QA team who did amazing job in making Flock a predictible piece of software 😉

Read more about Flock 0.7 by Bart!

6 replies on “Flock 0.7 is ready!”

Importing Favorites from Firefox doesn’t work, first it doesn’t import folders from Bookmarks Toolbar, second it imports all the tree structure of bookmarks into flat 1-level structure, all sub-sub folders go into main Favorites folder ;/

There is a problem with Flickr connection.
I can browse Flickr site normally, ut connection via pbugin is impossible. No way to sign in, no way to browse other profiles. It’s costantly “waiting”.

P.S. Dobre wystąpienie na Konferencji Web2.0 😉 Było ciekawie, na temat i z pasją 😉

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