I dream about Massive Multiplayer Online World. Last year I started thinking about a game. I have a lot of ideas but I don’t have experience so at the moment those are only pure ideas.
At the moment we have a lot of games that simulates adventures in some kind of a world. Let’s take 3 types of game for example.
Danger From The Deep, FlightGear and America’s Army.
They’re quite different, but bases on the same rules (ideally) – current world of science. It would be awesome to create some kind of World Standard Language probably based on XML that would be used to describe the world.

po polsku

WWW meeting 2005 :)

Poszły posty w sprawie zlotu. Zobaczymy co z tego wyjdzie. Mam ogromne przeczucie, że coś bardzo pozytywnego 🙂


Plan for today

  • Write some marketing stuff for new site
  • Write an update to my proposition of reorganization for MozillaPL and AviaryPL
  • Write a proposition of united Mozilla and Opera (sic!) RealLife meeting in Poznan
  • Write some stuff for next AviaryPL irc meeting
  • Check and update Wiki page for Localization Teams, Firefox 1.1 status and Firefox 1.0 status

I’m not sure if I’m a coder or PR guy… 😉

The good thing is that I’m working on my first layout patch ever. 🙂 1px double borders won’t suck anymore in Gecko.


I’m outdated

Being a coder, like me, gives you a feeling that you simply understand what’s going on in computers world. I have my Gentoo, I know how my net works, I know how my browser works, I know, understand how it all works, right?
Well, not anymore. Today I updated Azureus and I’m lost. I spend my time looking at some fascinating graphs of my swarm, and I’m lost. Really. I don’t know how it is possible that this group of people communicates in a trackless world.
I know that speed of my swarm is 1.2 MB/s with average 52 kB/s, that I have 370 contacts, 130 peers and 25 seeds but there is a lot more to read, and most of this is a black magic for me. So… I’m a lame

If you have some time, just check new Azureus and look at the swarm graphs and distribution statistics. 🙂


KFirefox – why, where, who and when?

Recently DesktopLinux published it’s 2004 Desktop Linux Market survey which confirms my feelings about current direction of Linux market.
First is overwhelming domination of Mozilla based products in the area where they exists. Thunderbird and Mozilla Mail have ~37% early beating Evolution and KMail. Firefox and Mozilla holds over 70% of browser market. And, both Thunderbird and Firefox were released in Q4 2004! We can easily predict that this numbers will grow in 2005. Some of my thoughts:


FunnyFox – spread the word

Hey! People! We did not finish yet with Firefox! – I love “Taste the difference” one. 🙂


Firefox 1.1 and 1.5 requests

Firefox 1.1:
+ Fast Back
+ Binary updates
+ Canvas
+ Better extension handling

Firefox 1.5
+ Dynamic theme change
+ Drag&Drop tab reorganization

+ – patches are ready

Not bad, hum? 🙂


It’s time to respond

After Firefox 1.0.3 release we were flooded by criticism from the press. In Poland almost every major newspaper noticed that “Firefox security is a myth”. I’m not sure how big percent of this was motivated by our major rival – all Microsoft related vortals wrote such article, and how much was made because in Poland people love to kick everyone – just to feel better.


SVG and FastBack for Firefox

Say hello to SVG.
I’m very excited about DSVG. Having AJAX, DSVG/DHTML in Firefox is a big step forward.
The one last thing that Open Standards for Web should have is some way to manage sound.


Gecko MP

I will be releasing next builds soon with updated Cache RAM and next optimizations. I hope to set up an env on my Windows machine (thanks to Microsoft for free compiler).

By the way. About comments. As I mentioned previously, but not everyone saw it – when you’re posting a comment for the first time, I must approve it. Then, all your comments will go without moderation.
I will not allow to post comments without a sense or a comments where f-words/sense ratio is very high.