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Hey! People! We did not finish yet with Firefox! – I love “Taste the difference” one. 🙂

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Funny, but I am not sure it is good advertisement for FF 😀
“Taste the difference” is the best 🙂

Is this advertisement campaign for new FF 1.1/1.5? Do you know some new marketing plans of MoFo? 🙂

Mozilla Foundation problably has completely forgotten about things like web standards and W3C. I’m looking forward to seeing done in Flash.

It doesn’t break grammar, but it uses Flash which has nothing to do with web standards and W3C. It weakens the position of SVG and all the rest of open technologies and I don’t see any interests in promoting this evil technology. It’s like ecologists cutting down a forest to have paper to write about protecting the enviroment ;).

Nerf: We’re not promoting technology, but a browser. It’s an advert. It is done in the way it can be done. There is no alternative to Flash today if you want to present stream video in browser – sorry.
Before you blame someone, think about if he had a choice.

The issue of Flash is that some people say that if there is an “evil” technology which doesn’t have substitute, we should reject it anyway, and some people say that we must accept it and sometimes use it. By making adverts in Flash MF told users that it accepts using Flash in certain cases and doesn’t encourage anybody to reject this technology now. I can understand it – it’s the matter whether we value popularity more than freedom and MF may have other hierarchy of priorities than I have – but I don’t accept such a behaviour as a free software user and advocate.

Flash is all right if used properly. But the ads themselves are so distressingly ugly… and don’t show what all the people look at when strange things happen to them and why did they feel/taste… etc. so different. Ads can be funny without being bizarre – and should be, in my view.

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