Firefox 1.1 and 1.5 requests

Firefox 1.1:
+ Fast Back
+ Binary updates
+ Canvas
+ Better extension handling

Firefox 1.5
+ Dynamic theme change
+ Drag&Drop tab reorganization

+ – patches are ready

Not bad, hum? 🙂

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What’s that “Fast Back” you keep talking about? SVG & XForms are my mostwanttos, so I’m waiting for them too 🙂

> Drag&Drop tab reorganization

There are a couple of extensions that do this already and do it well!
If there are plans to include it in the browser by default, how come it’s postponed till 1.5 ?


Fast Back is simply getting a fast response when you press the back button (ie no delays for the page to show).
Sounds simple but there is lots of work to enable this, opera has had it for a while now so you can download it and compare with firefox!

Note that “SVG” in Firefox 1.1 is not really “SVG” as in “what the spec sorta specifies”.

Also note that “patch ready” and “patch shippable” are not the same thing.

I like this requests 🙂
But…what with urs max power browser project? Do u still work on it ?
Will new builds be released soon? ThankU4UrTime.

Rifleman: I don’t know. Most of it’s “features” are already checked in. I’m trying to get a list of patches I’d like to get into. I also have a few ideas like switching back to old pref window, move download manager to sidebar to save UI space, and other UI changes, possibly integrating some extensions.
But I’m not focused on this. Now I need to finish Thunderbird source L10N, and make it for Seamonkey.

Boris: Right. But it is a signal that it’s not a “Oh, it would be nice to have this” kind of request.

I’ve asked about new releases becouse i’ve read on that new versions of new feats are being developed still.. (damn, i need more practice in english…)

One more thing, sorry for spamming 😉 – max power browser is not so stable as standard FF, needs a bit polishing… (polish-ing ;-). I know, that day doesn’t have 30hrs, but…. 😉
Anyway, i’m still using build24 and it’s great 🙂

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