FOSDEM 2006 – Bad, bad, bad

It seems that we must face some real problems before we can start the MozDevRoom.

First, Axel Hecht, who was supposed to lead L10n panel and the talk on the main room about XUL, cut his thumb and he will not attend at all :((((( We’ll try to get him on skype through.

Then, some bastard stole all Gerv’s luggage once he got here… Then, the flight with me, Marcoos, Staszyna, Pitreck and Anna was delayed by 3 hours! We of course missed the invite party 🙁

Then, Staszyna blocked his cell phone during a lobby session to convince his cell phone that the PIN is 0300. Cell phone won that match and now Staszyna is blocked.

Then, me and Anna went to some Italian Pizzeria where they had NO PIZZA (sic!), and I failed to find an USA-Europe adapter so I can’t charge my camera battery…

I hope that all bad is behind us and starting from tomorrow morning we will ignite some storm into our brains and share it to multiply the power of our work so once the FOSDEM is over, we will be all charged with ideas and motivation to make the Internet a better place for us all, spreading the fire of open source 🙂 Cross your fingers 🙂

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me and Anna went to some Italian Pizzeria where they had NO PIZZA (sic!)

You shouldn’t be surprises, it’s Brussels. There they have problems even with specyfying what vodka is, so pizzerias with no pizza aren’t anything strange ;).

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