I have some projects on my dashboard and I have a problem to sort the queue. I’m working on a new version of It will be onet-like, XHTML 1.0 Strict ready, fast, and should be a big improvement comparing to current layout mess with all those ads and stuff that should never land in those places.
Second thing is AviaryPL website. The sad thing is that Marcoos made a lot of work to create a layout that could be used there, and when he finished it, somebody sent me his proposition which – I must say – is great. I feel like a bastard, because of it…
I’m also working on final bits of Thunderbird 1.1 and my last patches for Firefox 1.1. In a week or two my work will be done.
I’m also still trying to get back to my work on soccer game, but still the blocker is a Yake engine which is not yet fully ported to Linux.
About my Ivor project. It’s in suspended mode for a nearest future. It’s mostly ready for 0.1 release, but I need to have time after release to deal with a feedback. At the moment, AviaryPL is on a top of the list, and I hope to have it ready very soon.

I’m also in transition from Slackware to Gentoo. Slackware is still my primary distribution for server.